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Blackcap Gallery, Fitzroy. Victoria. Australia - renamed Sol Gallery

Action Potential was a joint exhibition with Liz Zanella. I had been thinking about new, post pandemic, positive creativty and how the bursts of neural activity within our brains be represented. Action Potential relates to the positive charge of electrical impluses in neural cells. 


  “Vivienne’s work, the focal point of the installation, is a combination of 3 dimensional sculptural elements of yarn, wire & 3D printed components suspended in a fantastical mind-space. Strange passive creatures await a stimulus or connection to feed from; the fleeting moment of energy that shifts the purgatory-like balance between stagnation and inspiration, paralleling the chemical change that occurs initiating a neural impulse. 

Liz sets the scene with watercolour and ink panels creating a narrative of the process of potentiation, depicting molecular structural formulae of neurotransmitters and stimulants imposed over a murky soup of the detritus of composting old ideas, and plant-like life emerging from the gloom.”


Gallery Roomsheet.


Photo: Andrew Curtis


Photo: Andrew Curtis

Action Potential-Viv Tate_Dendriticle detail.jpg

Close up of a Dendriticle and the 3D printed mouth tentacles 

Action Pot.JPG

Installation without the UVA black light.


Photo: Andrew Curtis


Photo: Andrew Curtis

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